This Cold Empty California King

6 years together.
No engagement.
No marriage.
No kids.
Me? Im 26 and hes at 31.

We are living life to the fullest.

But Im so alone.

He recently started working nights.

I lay in this cold empty california king all by myself at night. At first Im really getting used to this! I can roll over for days into cold spots. I can use as many pillows as I want no matter where they end up when the alarm goes buzzing. Hell- I can even watch reality shows in bed without hearing the grunting of my man next to me begging for the channel to be changed.

But Im so alone.

When will you be home?
When will we have time to spend together?
When can we walk the dog together again?

What? Youre working 6 days a week AGAIN this week?


I lay in this cold empty california king all alone.